Purple Forge offers an advanced Artificial Intelligence Self-Service solution, called CORI.


CORI allows customers to gain access to information and services using natural language questions through a wide range of channels, including Web, Mobile Web, Apple Watch, Mobile App, Voice, Kiosk, and SMS.

CORI responds to common or general questions such as who, what, where, when, and how and learns based on customer interactions and feedback.

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SERVICE DELIVERY COST SAVINGS Reducing labor costs by automatic servicing in digital channel

Capacity augmentation – do more with less

Reduced training costs by capturing institutional knowledge – agent skill augmentation

Improved first call resolution and reduced call handle time

Cloud-based service delivery for easy implementation and reduced costs

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IMPROVEMENT Natural language interaction to receive instant answers

Removes technology barriers – transforms from searching to finding

24/7, anywhere, any device access

INSIGHTS INTO CUSTOMER NEEDS Insight into usage and customer needs through their interactions with the system

Shorten time between discovered issue and published solution

Allows data-driven resource and policy decisions based live and historical data

CORI easily integrates with existing or new websites, and mobile assets.  CORI is easily administered via a secure web portal.   CORI provides a public-facing interface focused on helping solve customer needs in the digital channel.  CORI also provides as an internal customer agent interface which supports first call resolution.

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