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Installable Android, iPhone Apps
Interactive Favorites List Creation Capability
Location-based (GPS) Notifications and Alerts
Featured Sales and Promotions
Polls and Surveys
Newsletter Signup
Floor Plans and Maps
Searchable Information Directory Services
Events and Schedules
Social Media Feeds
Social Sharing
Unique “Instagram” style content creation capabilities such as “Create a Postcard”
Self-Advertising and Rate-the-App Offers
Location-Aware Directories – Users Can View Entries “Near-By”
Multi-Language Support
Push Notifications (on-demand and scheduled)
Parking Reminder
Advertising Banners
“One-click” eMail, Phone and Calendar Integrations
Urgent Communications and Emergency Co-ordination
Artificial Intelligence Self-Service
Download and Feature Usage Analytic Reports
Update Using Secure Web-Based Content Management System

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