Governments and related organizations are increasingly concerned about finding and responding to reports of fraud and waste.   Traditionally this has been addressed through anonymous hotlines.  Purple Forge’s mobile solution offers the opportunity to allow anonymous reports to be submitted which reduces the costs associated with phone hotlines.  The Fraud and Waste Reporting App also offers the ability for users to submit more detailed report information, including location, text, photo, audio and video.

Purple Forge’s Fraud and Waste Reporting App can be tailored to meet the needs of the organization and specific versions can be tailored for organization staff and the public.

Auditors report that the money fraud and waste reporting apps help recover can more than outweigh their costs.

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Purple Forge’s Fraud and Waste Reporting App provides a fully themed, feature rich product that can satisfy the needs of the smallest to the largest organization and intended users/audience, including:

Fraud and Waste Policy Information on the organization’s fraud and waste reporting program for staff and members of the public
Whistleblower Policy Information for employee regarding protection from reprisal when acting in good faith relating to the organization’s fraud and waste policy
Conflict of Interest Policy Information for employees regarding what constitutes a conflict of interest and expected behaviour
Fraud and Waste Questions & Answers Questions and answers to common questions related to the organization’s fraud and waste program
Reports Public reports and audits related to the organization’s fraud and waste program
Statutory Accountability Requirements Information on statutory accountability requirements that relate to the fraud and waste program
Anonymous Reporting Allow users to submit anonymous reports which may include photos, text, video and audio attachments.  The user may optionally add their contact information in their report.
Online Reporting Send users to your organization’s online reporting portal
What is Fraud? Educate users on what constitutes fraud.
Audit Reports Directory of auditor reports.
Fraud Campaigns Directory of educational fraud campaign information such as posters and brochures.
Ideas and Suggestions Allow users to provide feedback on ways your government can save money or improve services.
Auditor News Coverage Information about sponsored events, auditors work, and other news.
Auditor Video News Coverage Information about sponsored events, auditors work, and other news.
Social Media Feeds Related social media feeds, e.g. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook.
Surveys Survey users to collect feedback and opinions

Users Love It

Purple Forge Fraud and Waste Reporting App employs features that are familiar to all smartphone owners who already use common smartphone gestures to navigate. For example, because Purple Forge’s Fraud Reproting App uses GPS location-aware technology, your constituents can quickly zoom to their current location for up-to-date local information. In addition, Purple Forge builds on this familiarity to create a fluid, natural user experience. For your constituents, the Purple Forge app is a free download from a smartphone app store such as iTunes or Android app store.

Integrate and Deploy

With many organizations today striving to do more with less, moving to a cloud deployment model significantly reduces infrastructure, equipment, software and staff resourcing requirements.  Purple Forge’s Smart Service Solutions platform is an industry leading, award-winning technology that offers many benefits over traditional one-off mobile application development.  What you get:

  • Rapid Deployment – as quickly as eight weeks
  • Integration to your existing content management system and website (you don’t have to start again)
  • Customized to your needs (including branding)
  • Distribution to iTunes and Android stores done for you
  • Push notifications
  • Multiple platforms

The Purple Forge Fraud and Waste Reporting App works on phones and tablets that operate on the iPhone and Android platforms, the two most popular smartphone types.