As municipalities have raced to keep up with demand for web-based communication systems, their constituents have abandoned fixed computers in favor of mobile devices, particularly smartphones. Today, the trend is toward increased mobile device usage by constituents—and the adoption rate is speeding up.

“If there’s a situation in your municipality, who finds out first—you, the media, or your constituents?”

In an age of instant shared information, you want to have the ability to head off viral misinformation before it becomes an unstoppable force. Stop rumors in their tracks with real-time push notifications.

Customers get first-hand knowledge of the services your agency is offering/deploying.  Customers with access to data that makes a positive impact on their day-to-day lives.

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We Know Cities

Purple Forge’s 511 is the first government app that can vividly show detail snow plow route completion, traffic congestion, parking restrictions, and more while integrating with other established systems including emergency situation alerts and social media.

  • Road Conditions (priority routes, construction, closures, congestion, special events)
  • Snow plow routes
  • Traffic Webcam images
  • Winter road conditions (routes plowed, winter parking restrictions)
  • Emergency and crisis communications such as storm events
  • Garbage pick ups
  • Minute-by-minute updates from local DoT
  • Municipal news, blogs, and social media updates
  • Parking Restrictions
  • Saferide (help drivers who have been drinking find a safe ride home)

Users Love It

The Purple Forge 511 solution employs features that are familiar to all smartphone owners who already use common smartphone gestures to navigate. For example, because Purple Forge’s 511 uses GPS location-aware technology, your constituents can quickly zoom to their current location for up-to-date local information. In addition, Purple Forge 511 builds on this familiarity to create a fluid, natural user experience. For your constituents, the Purple Forge 511 app is a free download from a smartphone app store such as iTunes or Android app store.

Integrate and Deploy

Municipalities and all levels of government are learning to harness the power of mobile device technologies to keep their constituents informed with critical updates—drawn from real-time data they already possess. As the first mobile app specifically designed to provide municipal government data, Purple Forge 511 brings together all the information on an interactive map, so your constituents can plan their next trip wisely and benefit from real-time updates from you.

What You Get:

  • Rapid Deployment – as quickly as eight weeks
  • Integration to your existing CMS system (you don’t have to start again)
  • Customized to your needs (including branding)
  • Distribution to iTunes and Android stores done for you
  • Push notifications
  • Multiple platforms

The Purple Forge 511 solution works on phones and tablets that operate on the iPhone and Android platforms, the two most popular smartphone types.