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Government, Businesses, Large Commercial Real Estate and Education Campuses all need to keep their community, tenants, workers, students, faculty and staff informed of potential emergencies and what to do when they occur.  Traditionally this has been addressed through handouts, brochures and briefings.  During a crisis or emergency, most people will have a smartphone or tablet with them – Purple Forge’s Crisis Response Apps makes urgent or critical information readily available.

The solution can be tailored to meet the needs of the organization and specific versions can be tailored for staff and the public.

Typical crisis response information provided in the app will address scenarios relevant to the organization and venue.  Each crisis scenario would typically describe what immediate action the person should take, who to contact, and what related services are available.  Most organizations will already have this information available in traditional forms as part of existing policies.


Purple Forge’s Crisis Response Apps provide a fully themed, feature rich product that can satisfy the needs of the smallest to the largest organization, including:

News News, including press releases
Contact Us Contact information for key emergency contacts, including: emergency, emergency management, law enforcement agencies or services
Alerts Alert information related to: state of emergency, driving conditions, flood advisory, snow advisory, cold advisory, severe storm warnings
Local Weather / Weather Emergency Local weather forecasts and information on how to respond to severe weather
Event Calendar Emergency planning and education events
Social Media Connect users to official feeds for social media, including: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Flickr, Picasa
Crime Stoppers Connect users to official Crime Stoppers website or information
Medical Information on how to respond to a medical emergency
Amber Alert Connect users to offical regional Amber Alert information
511 Provide 511 information including: incidents, traffic cameras, traffic conditions, construction, special events
Active Threat Instructions on how to respond to an active threat, e.g. active shooter
Mental Health Instructions on how to respond to an individual who is experiencing psychiatric emergency such as suicidal thoughts or psychosis
Sexual Violence Instructions on how to respond to sexual violence
Emergency Rally Points Location of emergency rally points
Frequently Asked Questions Common questions and answers
Report Internet Crime Information on how to report Internet crime
Reports and Publications Library of available reports and publications
Fire/Evacuation How to report a fire and evacuation procedures
Employee Handbook Employee handbook
Tenant Handbook Tenant handbook
Student Handbook Student handbook
Power / Utility Outage How to report and what to do during a power outage, plumbing failure, gas leak, and elevator entrapment
Emergency Preparedness Information on recommended steps users should take to become better prepared for emergencies
Safety and Crime Prevention Information on safety and crime prevention including: safety and prevention programs, personal safety, home and neighbourhood safety, seasonal and recreation activity, road safety, asset protection, seniors, parents, youth, kids
Public Safety Information on public safety services and contacts related to the property or campus
Victim Services Information on professional assistance and crisis to victims of crime or tragic circumstances
Suspicious Package What a suspicious package is, and what to do if one is encountered.
Bomb Threat What to do if a bomb threat is received
Questions and Feedback Secure method to allow users to submit a question or feedback
Text a Tip Allow users to send an SMS to send a tip to aid law enforcement
Submit a Tip Allow users to submit a tip with optional GPS location and photo information
Shelter in Place What to do when there is an environmental or hazardous danger outside the buildings and how to “shelter in place”
What to Do Information on what to do after events such as: car accidents, robbery, assault, identity theft, vandalism/graffiti
FEMA Connection to the FEMA disaster information mobile portal (
Online Reporting Send users to your online reporting portal
Surveys Survey users to collect feedback and opinions

Users Love It

Purple Forge Crisis Response Apps employ features that are familiar to all smartphone owners who already use common smartphone gestures to navigate. For example, because Purple Forge’s Emergency Response App uses GPS location-aware technology, your constituents can quickly zoom to their current location for up-to-date local information. In addition, Purple Forge builds on this familiarity to create a fluid, natural user experience. For your constituents, the Purple Forge app is a free download from a smartphone app store such as iTunes or Android app store.

Integrate and Deploy

With many organizations today striving to do more with less, moving to a cloud deployment model significantly reduces infrastructure, equipment, software and staff resourcing requirements.  Purple Forge’s Smart Service Solutions platform is an industry leading, award-winning technology that offers many benefits over traditional one-off mobile application development.  What you get:

  • Rapid Deployment – as quickly as eight weeks
  • Integration to your existing CMS system (you don’t have to start again)
  • Customized to your needs (including branding)
  • Distribution to iTunes and Android stores done for you
  • Push notifications
  • Multiple platforms

The Purple Forge Crisis Response Apps solution works on phones and tablets that operate on the iPhone and Android platforms, the two most popular smartphone types.