As governments have raced to keep up with demand for web-based communication systems, their constituents have abandoned fixed computers in favor of mobile devices, particularly smartphones in both the United States and Canada. Today, the trend is toward increased mobile device usage by constituents and the adoption rate is speeding up.

Governments at all levels are increasingly deploying mobile apps as an integral part of their Elections process to:

  • Save money by reducing print requirements
  • Save money by increasing self-service
  • Increase reach and accessibility
  • Increase voter engagement and turn-out

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We Know Elections

Purple Forge is the leader in providing mobile election apps for government.  Our election customers span United States and Canada, and include: Union County NJ, Galveston County TX, Sonoma County CA, City of Long Beach CA, Denver CO, City of Vancouver, City of Calgary, City of Victoria, City of Regina, City of Edmonton, Province of Manitoba and others.

Typical election application features can include:

Election results
Who can vote?
Nearest voting place look-up
Voting stations/locations map
Voting days
Mail balloting
Accessible options
Voter identification requirements
Voter registration lookup
How do I register to vote
Maps (e.g. showing boundaries and voting stations)
Advanced voting
First time voters
Voter eligibility
Am I on the voters list?
Voting process
Event calendar
Ward boundaries
Alternative voting options
Blind voter information
Hospital voting stations
Information for voters
Information for candidates
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Work/Volunteer for elections
Test your civic smarts (educational quizes)
Election office contact
Overseas voting
News feeds (e.g. RSS)
Social media feeds (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs)
Countdown clock (to election date)
Polling station wait times
Push notifications, e.g. updated polling station locations

Users Love It

The Purple Forge solution employs features that are familiar to all smartphone owners who already use common smartphone gestures to navigate.  In addition, Purple Forge builds on this familiarity to create a fluid, natural user experience.  For your constituents, the Purple Forge app is a free download from a smartphone app store such as iTunes or Android app store.

An app-t response to low voter turnout 

(ref: Metro Oct 2011)

Integrate and Deploy

All levels of government are learning to harness the power of mobile device technologies to keep their constituents informed and engaged.

What You Get:

  • Rapid Deployment – as quickly as one week
  • Integration to your existing CMS system (you don’t have to start again)
  • Customized to your needs (including branding)
  • Distribution to app stores done for you
  • Push notifications
  • Multiple platforms

The Purple Forge solution supports iPhone and Android, the most popular smartphone types.