The CORI NLUI, CORI Voice, CORI SMS, CORI Web and CORI Kiosk are setup to answer questions about Purple Forge, Smart Service Solutions and CORI.  You can try asking “What is CORI?”, “How is CORI deployed?”, “How can CORI save me money?”.

The 311 NLUI, 311 SMS, 311 Web and 311 Voice interfaces are setup to answer questions on a subset of the City of Ottawa Bylaws.  You can try asking “What is a dangerous dog?”, “What is a vicious dog?”, “How many chickens can I own?”, “Who is the mayor?”, “How much is a dog license?”, “I am having a party when do I need to turn my music down?”.

The IT NLUI is setup to answer questions against a subset of general City of New Westminster IT services for employees.  You can try asking “How do I change my PC password?”, “How do I turn on the out of office assistant?”, “How do I recover deleted files?”.  You can also go to the FAQ and select questions provided there.

The City of Ottawa and City of New Westminster are pilot deployments.

Smart Service Solutions – Natural Language User Interface (NLUI)

NLUI enhances core CORI capability by adding in support for automatic contextual interactions and tight integration with other native mobile capabilities offered by our Smart Service Solutions for mobile and connected devices.

CORI Kiosk

The Kiosk capability is typically deployed in an iPad at an information desk or pedestal at a facility (e.g. government, commercial or retail).  It can also be deployed as part of a Smart Service Solutions app, or as a standalone app on its own.  It provides an intuitive interface (using voice or screen keyboard) to get quick access to information and services.

The Kiosk will detect when a person is standing in front of it and will trigger a short welcome video that can be used to provide information to the user on what questions/services the Kiosk can handle.   If you touch the video it will go away and you can move your phone to detect your face and trigger it again.

The Kiosk uses the person’s image  for anonymous analytics which are used to generate engagement reports related to gender, smiling/not smiling, and estimated age.

Service Configuration and Administration

If you have a customer interested in more information on the customer engagement reports available, workflow, administration – please contact to arrange a more in-depth demonstration.