Why deploy a mobile app for your event

Our customers deploy Purple Forge conference & event solutions to take advantage of:

  • Real-time interaction between participants
  • On-the-go participant access to event information
  • Immediate dissemination of information to participants
  • Organized presentation of event information to participants
  • Efficient collection of information from participants
  • Efficient collection of information by participants
  • Improved decision making for participants
  • Revenue streams
  • Brand extension for the event
  • Enhanced visibility and brand extension for exhibitors and sponsors
  • Enhanced matchmaking opportunities between exhibitors and attendees
  • Environmental benefits
  • Enhanced navigation of event for participants (floor plans, schedules, agendas)
  • Community development and maintenance
  • Enhanced attendee experience
  • Reductions in operations costs
  • New advertising and messaging platform
  • Access to new customers (social networks, viral communications)
  • Enhanced reputation and influence for the organization
  • Competitiveness with other events
  • Access to changing demographic of mobile device users
  • Extension of existing event assets and platforms
  • Simplicity, usability, clean user interface
  • Event analytics
  • Integration of mobile, online and face-to-face experience

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Revenue Opportunities

Purple Forge’s mobile conference & event solution offers a number of strong revenue generation opportunities.  These revenue opportunities often cover the costs associated with the application and can be a significant profit generating add-on, examples include:

  • Advertising (banner ads, splash screens, app platforms)
  • Sponsored content (surveys, updates, features)
  • Exhibitor content upgrades
  • Year round sponsorship opportunities
  • Lead retrieval
  • Merchandise sales
  • Overall app sponsorship
  • Sponsor logo pages with click through to sponsor information or website


Purple Forge offers a flexible solution for event organizers which includes the following features:


Installable Android, iPhone apps
An enhanced mobile website that runs on the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile as well any tablet device such as iPad, Samsung
Interactive attendee schedule which allows users to build and edit their own schedule
Interactive exhibitor directory which allows users to build and edit their own “must see” list of exhibitors
Polls and surveys
Extensive sponsorship and advertising features for monetization
Floorplans and site maps
Exhibitor directory
Tourism directory
Collateral requests and auto-fullfillment
Newsletter signup
Social media dashboard including support for YouTube, Flickr, Picasa
Social networking integration including Twitter and Facebook
Unique “instagram” style content creation capabilities such as “Create a Postcard”
Self-advertising and viral
Location aware directories – users can view entries “near-by”
Multi-language support
Update your app in real-time using secure web-based content management system