Case Study – Download Pattern for Annual Event Apps

Since 2011 Purple Forge has been publishing and updating our Official Purple Forge Canada Day App for Android and iPhone.   We published the first version to help us test technology and operations processes and have continued to support the app as a community service.


The apps are interesting since they are truly only useful for a few days every year when people are planning their Canada Day and when they are actually out and about on Canada Day.

We thought it would be interesting to share what the downloads look like for this app, since we have several years of data available.

The following chart illustrates the general download pattern over the period of years (aggregated iPhone and Android downloads).   The peaks are very consistent each year.


Here is a closer look at the days leading up to July 1.  This pattern is similar every year – the Monday of the week before Canada Day we see downloads start to increase, ramping steeply 3 days prior to July 1 with the highest downloads typically occurring the day before the Canada Day long weekend begins.


The amount and trending of the downloads curve is  heavily dependent upon how much advertising we do (which varies each year based on our workload and customer deliverable priorities).

The app is consistently ranked in the Top 100 every year.


We will share typical usage stats in a future case study.