Voting app expected to go live today

A smartphone app dedicated to Boone County elections was expected to debut today on the App Store and Google Play.

The app, called Boone County Votes, was developed by Purple Forge Corp. of Ottawa, Canada, Boone County Clerk Jessica Fouts said.

A crowded primary ballot this May will require some time to inspect, Fouts said. That could lead to long lines at the county’s vote centers.

Midnight Monday is the deadline to register to vote in the primary, Fouts said.

“We had 400 online registrations last Monday, and another 200 on Tuesday,” she said. Already 150 people have requested absentee ballots, she said.

Fouts said the app will allow her to notify voters of wait times at vote centers, giving them the option of finding another location where voting is not taking so long.

The app also has interactive maps to voting sites, she said.

Election results will be posted to the app before they are shown on the clerk’s website, and before they are displayed, via overhead projector, on a courthouse rotunda wall outside the clerk’s office, Fouts said.

Voting app expected to go live today