Stressed about minor hockey? There’s an app for that


It is accepted as gospel that participating in minor hockey will help little Johnny and Sally build character through teamwork, leadership and healthy competition.

Less understood beyond the insular hockey culture are the challenges and pressures that often come with the territory. Demanding coaches, performance stress, tryouts, parental pressure, self-doubt. Young, growing brains aren’t equipped to process all of these factors in a healthy way.

Fortunately for young players in the National Capital Region, and beyond, there is an app for that.

It’s called ‘Be Game Ready’ and has been in circulation for nearly two months after being released by the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre just before Christmas. The app provides players aged 10 to 16 with an opportunity to mentally prepare in the Pre-Game section, as well as work through the Post-Game analysis afterward. The app is easily downloaded, free, for android and Apple products and is bilingual.

Reference/Read More:  Ottawa Citizen