Implementing a citizen-centric approach to delivering government services

Posted by Brian Hurley on July 30, 2015 in Blog

A recent article from McKinsey & Company highlights the relationship between citizen satisfaction and the citizens’ ability to be informed and get answers to their questions about city services.

“Citizens today expect more transparent, accessible, and responsive services from the public sector. And those expectations are rising. Many governments have made efforts to improve service delivery through online portals or “one-stop shops” like centralized call centers, but find they are still unable to meet the public’s expectations. Citizens tell public-sector officials—and it’s been confirmed via a survey conducted by the McKinsey Center for Government —that they continue to feel frustrated by cumbersome or confusing websites and find it’s often still necessary to speak with multiple parties before their question is answered or their request is completed. As a result, governments face not only declining citizen satisfaction and eroding public trust but also increasing costs associated with delivering services across multiple channels.”

Ref: McKinsey & Company, July 2015Ref: McKinsey & Company, July 2015