The Official Canada Day Mobile Application is Ready

Purple Forge today released the new Android and updated Apple versions of the Official Canada Day mobile application. The app includes crowd-sourced links to all the major Canada Day celebration schedules across Canada and around the world, a postcard feature to create and share the events celebrating our nation’s birthday and a location sharing button to help you connect with your friends on Canada’s birthday.

Ottawa, Ontario (PRWEB) June 29, 2015

Purple Forge today updated the Official Canada Day mobile applications for all Canadians celebrating both at home and abroad. Adding Android platform support, the app was designed with a crowd-sourced approach to collect and display Canada Day event websites for display in the application. The mobile applications also include a postcard feature and a location-sharing button to share the location of your party with your friends.

Crowd-sourcing is one of the many planks of the Government of Canada’s Open Government initiative, making the inclusion of a feature to allow governments and affiliated NGO organizations to provide their Canada Day event information a must-have feature of the application.

“Canada Day is the day that Canadians all around the world find a way to connect with each other and celebrate this great country,” said Brian Hurley, CEO of Purple Forge. “We are proud to continue to offer this service to capture and share all of the event information published for Canadians.”

The application is downloadable from the Apple iTunes and Google Play stores and is supported in both English and French.