Case Study – How are Associations Using Mobile Smartphone Apps?

Associations, unions, trade groups, advocacy, and lobby organizations are increasingly deploying mobile applications to complement existing communications tools and channels.  

Membership-based organizations in general are using mobile applications to support on-the-go engagement with members who are increasingly using mobile smartphones as their primary method to find information.

Specific uses include:

  • Meetings and conventions
  • Training
  • Realtime communications
  • Membership community building / facilitating member-to-member communication
  • Registration for events and meetings
  • Membership consultations
  • Co-ordination and mobilizing members / call to action
  • Industry specific services
  • Communicating member benefits
  • Keeping members informed about new events, programs
  • Keeping members abreast of legislative, regulatory news
  • Generating revenue from sponsorships and advertising