What is the background behind the Purple Forge company name and logo?

Our company name “Purple Forge”, has the following origin and meaning:

Purple” – from the purple branding color of Bell Northern Research which was at one time a world leading research and development organization, of which the founder has a personal tie to.

Forge” – meaning to create – reflecting our focus on the creation of innovative new products and services.  “Forge” is also intended to evoke the image of a blacksmith working raw metal with hammer and anvil into useful implements through hard work, strength and skill.

The company logo incorporates a prominent flame graphic which is intended to represent the flame of a blacksmith’s forge and the flame of knowledge.

purpleforgefinal 1280x412

The two words in the name in the logo are distinquished by color rather then a space – where the word “forge” is always colored purple – which is intended to re-emphasize the name Purple Forge.