Smartphone apps can help associations address their top 10 communications challenges

A 2014 industry survey of associations identified the following top 10 communications challenges for associations:

  1. Combatting information overload
  2. Communicating member benefits
  3. Helping members find appropriate information quickly
  4. Customizing communication to different member subgroups
  5. Overcoming technical barriers to reaching members
  6. Providing mobile-friendly communications
  7. Facilitating member-to-member communication
  8. Maintaining position as industry’s No.1 source of info
  9. Keeping members informed about new events, programs
  10. Keeping members abreast of legislative, regulatory news

With the ubiquitous adoption of smartphones, and members managing on the go, a beefed up mobile communication strategy is key to associations.

Purple Forge membership-based organization apps can assist associations with addressing all top 10 challenges.  Contact for more information.

Ref: 2014 Association Communications Benchmarking Report, Naylor