Smart City Mobile Applications – Saving Money and Improving Service

Cities continuously strive to:

  • Realize operational cost savings
  • Expand accessibility & availability of services and information
  • Drive economic growth
  • Increase citizen input
  • Be more transparent with citizens
  • Help citizens help themselves
  • Make government work better

Smart City mobile applications support advances in all the above areas, delivering benefits which will:

  • Enhance the lives of residents;
  • Enhance the reputation of a municipality as a Smart City /Digital City, Intelligent Community;
  • Provide, increased economic development opportunities;
  • Enable new revenue sources such as targeted marketing/advertising opportunities;
  • Provide an enhanced tourism experience; and
  • Provide a world-class basis for introduction and delivery of new connected services to business, residents, visitors, knowledge workers and City employees.

Smart City mobile applications roadmap can be tailored to the needs, budget and timing requirements of the City.