Creating an HTML email signature to help raise awareness of your app

Many customers enlist their staff to help raise awareness of their mobile app by asking staff to enhance their eMail signatures to include a reference to the mobile app.  The following is a simple example of an HTML signature block.


<p ><a href=”; ><img src=”; height=”300px” ><br>Click to download the Galveston Votes App!</a></p>

Which would generate the following display:


To use this example, please edit the HTML example to add your own personal and organization information.   If needed your Purple Forge project prime can provide you with a link to an appropriate image of your mobile app to include in the HTML code.

Other examples of more advanced HTML signatures incorporating different font styling can be found online, e.g.   There are also online HTML editors you can use to view the results of your edits, e.g., or   Please consult with your eMail client help files and documentation for information on how to install the HTML signature into your eMail configuration.