What is a QR-code and how do I make one?

QR-codes are images that can be read by smartphone QR-code readers.  The QR-code readers will then display or act upon the information that is encoded into the image.  In somecases the QR-code will simply have a text message encoded to be displayed, in others it may have a website URL.   An example of a QR-code is below:


When a user on an Android scans the above code using a barcode scanner app, they will see a screen similar to the following example which will show them the URL encoded and give them them the option to launch the URL or share it:


The primary value of a QR-code for customers who are publishing mobile apps is to link print material to the app download page on Apple App Store, Google Play, etc.   In most cases, the QR-code will be a URL link to a mobile app landing page.

In general QR-codes have seen limited adoption for purposes outside of pointing people to websites.

You can generate your own QR-code using this online QR-code generator tool.