How to setup your iPad in kiosk mode

Apple’s iPad Tablets can be used in a “kiosk mode”.   The kiosk mode will limit access to specific iPad functions and lock it to a specific application.  

Enable “Guided Access”

Open “Settings”
Go to “General” > “Accessibility”
Tap on “Guided Access” (under the “Learning” section)
Select the switch to “ON”
Tap on “Set Passcode” (prevents users from leaving “Guided Access” mode)
Enter a passcode
Launch the app you want to be exclusively used on the kiosk mode iPad

Setup “Guided Access”

With your app still open, triple-click the Home button to enter the “Guided Access” setup view.  Select the settings that meet your intended deployment. 

Start “Guided Access”

Tap on the “Start” button in the upper right. Your app is now running in Guided Access or “kiosk” mode.  If you try tapping on the Home button, Sleep/Wake button, or Volume buttons, you’ll see they have no effect.

Stop “Guided Access”

You can exit Guided Access by triple-clicking the Home button once again, and entering your passcode (if configured). You’ll be taken back to the Guided Access setup screen, where you can either End or Resume “Guided Access”.

More information is available from Apple.