iBeacon/Beacon deployment considerations

When deploying iBeacons, or Beacons, there are operational considerations that need to be taken into account, including:

  • beacon configuration, e.g. UUID, major id, minor id, signal strength, etc
  • physical beacon deployment, e.g. are they detected as expected as a user moves around and at the correct proximity
  • managing beacon administration, e.g. recording where placed, how they are assigned
  • management of beacons, e.g. ensuring they are working, monitoring battery strength and replacement
  • managing beacons relative to products or services, e.g. when the product is moved/removed ensuring the beacons are also moved/removed as appropriate

Purple Forge mobile apps provide automatic and integrated operational capabilities to minimize the overhead associated with beacon deployments.  For more information please contact us at sales@purpleforge.com