Marketing Communications “Toolkit” Available in Purple Forge Mobile Solutions

All Purple Forge mobile solutions provide a “toolkit” of capabilities for engaging and communicating with users.   For the marketing team the mobile solution can be the cornerstone for a campaign or engagement plan, or it can be complimentary.

  • Push notifications (aka Live Messaging)
  • Slide-down banner ads
  • Mainscreen rotating graphics
  • Location-based (aka geo-fence) notifications – venue
  • Location-based (aka geo-fence) notifications – guerilla
  • Proximity-based (aka iBeacon/BLE/Beacon-based) notifications
  • Splash page graphic
  • Secondary splash page graphic
  • Contest entry collector
  • Newsletter sign-up collector
  • Deals and offers
  • Directory – what’s new
  • Directory – calendar of events
  • Tell a friend “nag”
  • Rate the app “nag”
  • Social ePostcards
  • Google Play app graphics
  • Apple AppStore app graphics
  • Google Play app description text
  • Apple AppStore description text

Effectiveness can be measured based on a range of mobile app business intelligence reports – including downloads, feature usage and location/proximity-based analytics.

More details are available here.