How do push notifications relate to Canadian Anti-Spam law?

Push notificaitons fall under the new Canadian anti-spam law in the same manner as SMS and email.   To accomodate the law, apps must ask for opt-in permission to send push notifications.  

For iOS applications, any app which is registered to use push notifications will have an automatic opt-in dialog offered to the user on app installation.  

For Android applications, there is no default dialog and the opt-in needs to be explicitly provided by the app itself.  Without an initial opt-in confirmation, the default setting for push notifications should be “off”.

Both iOS and Android users can control push notifications for specific applications in the device settings, e.g. turn off/on notifications and how the notifications are displayed.   However it is good practice to provide for a separate opt-in/out option in the app’s settings to make it easy for the user to find and control push notifications.

This push notification briefing paper from Bloomberg is useful for United States and Canada-based businesses.