Getting Your App Noticed – Driving Downloads

Purple Forge has deployed hundreds of apps for our customers.  We work closely with our customers to help ensure a successful launch and drive app downloads.  This experience has given us some great insights into what works best for different types of applications and associated end users.  A high-level summary of our insights is provided below.   As part of all our app deployments, Purple Forge offers a detailed training session on app marketing for our customers to support their communications plan, for more information contact us at

App Marketing Best Practices
For desktop website, detect mobile access and present a mobile page with links to download app
For desktop website, display banner advertising availability with a link to the download page on app stores
Press release to drive earned media
Banner ads on corporate site
Newsletter announcement to existing email distribution list(s)
eMail announcement to all staff
Print linkages via QR-codes
Press event/outreach to drive earned media
Add reference to app and download link(s) in every press release issued by organization
Cross app catalog (for cases where multiple apps are published)
Tell a friend “nag” 
Rate the app “nag”
Posting to Facebook and Twitter
Facebook ads
Submission to awards programs
Referenced in email footers of staff
Referenced in print campaigns
Common landing page with links to all app platforms
For WiFi portals, provide an advertisement and link raising awareness of app availability


Operational Best Practices 
App messaging is part of an integrated communications plan/campaign
Use unique app download URL’s (e.g. Google Analytics Campaign URL’s, URL’s) to allow tracking effectiveness of method, e.g. QR-Code, Press Release, Twitter or Facebook posting



Impactful Marketing Outcomes That Drive Big Downloads
App Store Featured App
App Store What’s Hot
App Store New & Noteworthy
App Store Top 50, 25, 10 in Category
App Store Top 100, 50 Overall
Major Online News Coverage
National Traditional Media Coverage – TV, Newspapers
Regional Traditional Media Coverage – TV, Newspapers



What We Have Seen Tried Over The Years 
Dedicated Facebook Page for App
Mentioned on related Facebook page
Dedicated domain and website
Dedicated landing page that supporting organizations all point to 
Dedicated webpage on existing organization’s website
Mentioned on shared page on existing organization’s website
Mentioned on front-page rotation of organization’s main website in prominent manner, e.g. large graphic banner
Mentioned on front-page rotation of organization’s main page by a link to another page
Cross-linked from related app partner sites to a dedicated webpage for the app
Add reference to app and download link in every press release issued by organization
In app cross-selling catalog (where organization has multiple apps)
“Rate the app” nag
Blog coverage
Review sites coverage
Paid web advertising
Sponsored Blog RSS feed
Sponsored eNewsletter
Sponsored website
Advertising on public transit buses
Advertising on airport screen tickers
Advertising on airport display screens
Google Ads Web
Google Ads Mobile
iAds Mobile
Radio On-air Mention/Interview
Podcast review
TV coverage –  Local
TV coverage – National
Special Feature by Apple
New and Notable by Apple
Mashable coverage
TechCrunch coverage
CNN website coverage
Press Release – PR Web
Press Release – Self-distributed
eNewsletter Announcement (existing distribution related to organization)
Print Newspaper Coverage – National
Print Newspaper Coverage – Local
Topic of App – Common Interest
Topic of App – Local/Regional Interest
Topic of App – Niche Common Interest
Topic of App – Seasonal Interest
Topic of App – Event Attendee Specific Interest
Advertised with/linked to a specific event which has people arriving / interested on a specific date
Event collateral – business card handouts with links to download page
Event collateral – posters at event site registration and entrances
Mention of app in all press release communications of organization
Mention in .sig of email’s for members of organization
YouTube videos
QR-codes in organizations print materials
Redirect from desktop website to mobile download page for smartphones and tablets
Advertising on print (e.g. magazines, news papers, brochures)

Posters displayed in public places (e.g. vertical signs, table-top)
Push notification to ask people to “Tell their friends” about the app
Press event by Mayor
App wins an Award which is publicly announced by award giving organization