Case Study – Retail Venue – St Laurent Centre

According to Google Canada, smartphone penetration has risen to 56% of the Canadian population as of Q1 2013, and smartphone owners are becoming increasingly reliant on their devices with 66% accessing the Internet every day on their smartphone and most never leaving home without it.

To respond to these significant trends, the Purple Forge Mobile Venue Solution (MVS) offers industry-leading capabilities for venues wishing to increase their competitive positioning, marketing reach and introduce new revenue. Unlike 1st generation retail mall “apps”, Purple Forge MVS introduces the ability for venues to be able to manage the full customer engagement lifecycle from off-venue, arrival, in-venue, and post visit.


In 2012, St Laurent Centre successfully deployed MVS.  



175 stores and services

Over 250,000 visitors per week

868,000 square feet



The deals feature was the most heavily used in MVS improving the consumer experience and driving sales to tenants.

Through an easy to use directory and search function, many consumers discovered stores, planned their visits, and contacted tenants for information. For St Laurent Centre, they benefited by having up to date and easy to find information giving their visitors a unique experience.

During the Holiday seasons, the St Laurent Centre benefited greatly by consumers easily finding hours of operations and schedules through the mobile application.

Push notifications were very effective at reaching app users, showing a high view rate, and was used by the St Laurent Centre to announce new tenants, special events, and contests.


Most Popular Features


What’s new

Stores directory




Overall, MVS was easily integrated with existing operations, required very little IT integration, and reduced the effort required to keep content current by supporting integration with the St Laurent Centre website to automatically update stores and tenant job listings. MVS supported seamless integration with marketing campaign updates facilitated through the MVS content management system and allowed for over the air content refresh. On demand deal updates were supported through the MVS self service portal giving tenants the flexibility to update content frequently with minimal overhead on the venue and ensuring consumers were accessing the most up to date deals and specials.


“We are increasing our focus on mobile applications, social media and public WiFi in order to have a more interactive and sustained relationship with our visitors  inside and outside of St Laurent Centre.”

– Bernice Rachkowski
Marketing Director at St Laurent  


St Laurent Centre has continued to roll-out MVS capabilities, most recently deploying TELUS Public WiFi, which is complimentary to MVS. TELUS Public WiFi provides for enhanced customer experience, premium user analytics and drives MVS app downloads and engagement.

“Purple Forge is a wonderful partner – they are responsive and very knowledgeable.” said Bernice, “With Purple Forge we have been able to introduce advanced mobile technologies that will be increasingly important to us, our tenants and visitors. We are very excited to take advantage of the opportunities to provide new revenue generating services such as dynamic deals, and interactive location-based visitor services. Feedback from tenants and users has been very positive.”




User Feedback

“Love this app has a lot of things you can do. It seems it will be very useful. I was getting tired of having to look online when it closes and also look for store numbers with this app I no longer have to do that!”

“The layout is great. I love the concept.”

“Love the menu and easy navigation”