Google Play App Description and Linking Best Practices

Ensure you use your app’s primary keyword in the title and description body to improve search discovery.  A general rule of thumb is to ensure your keyword appears at least five times in the description body.

Use appropriate formatting to ensure the app description appearance is the best possible.  Note the following constraints on Google Play app description formatting / styling:

  • Supported HTML tags:
    • <br /> to enforce a single line break (use two to force a new paragraph)
    • <b>...</b> for boldface
    • <i>...</i> for italics
    • <u>...</u> for underline
    • <font color="#ffaaee">...</font> for setting font colors in HEX code
    • <blockquote>...</blockquote> to indent a paragraph of text
    • <small>...</small> for smaller text
    • <sup>...</sup> and <sub>...</sub> for super- and subscripts
  • A fully-formatted URL appears as a hyperlink, e.g.
  • HTML character entities are supported, such as &trade; (™) and &reg; (®)
  • UTF-8 encoded characters are supported
  • For empty space and indentation use “&#8195”; for example to have a bullet with 2 spaces before it   •

Provide all available screenshots allowed ensuring the screen captures showcase the best of the app.

If possible provide a youtube demo video.

Google provides some additional best practices on how to link to your app in the Google Play store.  Google also provides a tool to generate appropriate download badge graphics and to generate images of your app screen shot in a phone image.





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