What is SoLoMo?

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SOCIAL: Social media facilitate interactions among people.  A SoLoMo enabled application will seamlessly provide the user with the ability to easily share information with their social networks via mobile technologies.

LOCAL: Local search or functionality that provides users with information that are geographically focused to an immediate area.  For instance, a SoLoMo enabled application will present information that is ordered by nearest to the user based on their current location, e.g. recycling centres, hospitals, schools.

MOBILE: Mobile computing broadly refers to the use of portable hardware/software technology – primarily smartphone and/or tablet – to access mobile applications or mobile optimized websites.  A SoLoMo application will be inherently mobile-centric and supported on all major platforms.

Purple Forge applications are SoLoMo enabled today and deployed live across a large number, and varying types, of customers.