iOS App Expedited Review Requests

Expedited App Review

If you face extenuating circumstances, you can make a request to Apple to have the review of your app expedited. These circumstances include fixing a critical bug in your app on the App Store or releasing your app to coincide with an event you are directly associated with.

Urgent Bug Fix
If you’ve submitted an update to fix a critical bug in your app on the App Store and you are requesting an expedited review, be sure to include the steps to reproduce the bug on the current version of your app.

Time-Sensitive Event
For apps associated with an event, Apple recommends you plan and schedule the release of your app in iTunes Connect. However, if your app is still in review and the launch of your event is quickly approaching, you can request to have your app review expedited. When submitting your request, it’s important to include the event, date of the event, and your app’s association with the event.

Please Note: Expedited reviews are granted on a limited basis and Apple does not guarantee that every request will be expedited.  You will need to sign in to request an expedited review.