In a bid to improve on Vancouver’s dismal voter participation, the city has released an app that makes it easy to keep track of the Nov. 19 civic election.

With voters choosing a mayor, 10 councillors, seven park commissioners and nine school trustees, as well as giving the yea or nay to specific questions on capital borrowing for community facilities, transportation and public safety upgrades, there’s a lot of information to pack into an app and this one does it well.

Created by Purple Forge, the company behind My Politics Canada and other political apps in Canada and the United States, Vancouver Votes covers all the bases from finding out whether you’re on the voters’ list to where you go to vote.

At a time when people are moving into tent cities to have their voice heard, we can only hope that Vancouverites will at least make it to the polls.

In the 37 elections for the city since 1930, only five have seen a voter turnout of 50 per cent or more.

Vancouver Sun, November 1, 2011