Vancouver doubles advance voting dates, promotes app

Chief electoral officer says they’re trying to get more people to vote

Dan Burritt 2011/10/27

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – People who live in Vancouver now have eight days to vote ahead of time in the civic elections and will also be able to download an election iPhone app called Vancouver Votes. Its features includes voter eligibility, a candidate list, and a civic quiz.

“In 2008, Vancouver voting in the civic election was 31 per cent; this is the lowest it’s been in 50 years,” says Chief Electoral Officer Janice MacKenzie.

“With this app and other social media such as Facebook and Twitter, we are reaching out to our younger voters — those 18-35 [years old],” she explains. “We want to engage them in a conversation about the role and importance of voting and the role of local government.”

“It’s essentially where the rubber hits the road. Our city government makes decision on services that you use each and every day: street lights, sidewalks, roadways, traffic lights, garbage collection,” she adds.

MacKenzie is also reminding people they can call 311 anytime. “Through this easy-to-remember number, callers can obtain voting information; information that is available in 180 languages.”

The election results will be posted at around 8:30pm on November 19th and refresh every five minutes.

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