New app from The Royal helps PTSD sufferers

OTTAWA  One of Canada’s leading mental health clinics went mobile Tuesday, launching an app to help provide immediate assistance to those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Created by the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group, OSI Connect is an app available to anyone in the general public, but made specifically to aid current and former members of the Canadian military and RCMP with PTSD.

The app provides users with relevant information related to their condition and provides contact information for the Royal’s 17 operational stress injury clinic’s across the country.

The app also includes a self-assessment tool and videos that show other individuals with PTSD describing their experience with the condition.

“The mobile app allows for people to deal with the condition on their own time and on their own terms in a stigma free environment,” said Sue Riley, a spokeswoman for the Royal. “The app also helps a person who may not be comfortable with speaking with somebody immediately, or is unaware of how to receive services.”

OSI Connect is available from iTunes, BlackBerry and Android app stores

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