City of Calgary Pets Mobile App

City of Calgary Pets, the official mobile app of Animal & Bylaw Services, makes information regarding the programs and services provided by The City of Calgary Animal & Bylaw Services more accessible to Calgarians.

By downloading the free app, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android users will have a real time view of the photos and descriptive information regarding the impounded and adoptable cats and dogs sheltered at the Animal Services Centre at 2201 Portland Street S.E.  Knowing their pet is safe and waiting to be reunited with them at Animal Services provides peace of mind for pet owners who have lost their cat or dog. Timing is also important for Calgarians anxiously watching the status of cats or dogs and waiting for a specific pet to become available for adoption at the Animal Services Centre. City of Calgary Pets provides information on when and how to license a pet, the steps to follow if a pet is lost, and a list of the 60 participating I Heart My Pet vendors who offer the owners of licensed pets discounts on merchandise and services. Information needed when time is critical such as the contact numbers for Calgary’s 24 Hour Emergency Vet Clinics or how to report an aggressive animal incident is also only a touch away using City of Calgary Pets.

City of Calgary Pets is a free app.  For more information on how to download City of Calgary Pets visit