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About Purple Forge

Purple Forge is an award-winning Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of mobile-first community engagement and self service solutions.   Purple Forge helps our customers reduce service delivery cost, increase customer experience  and gain insights into unmet needs.

Purple Forge’s Smart Service Solutions platform delivers a wide range of pre-packaged solutions with optional features and customization for: telecommunications operators, governments, venues, retail, membership-based organizations, and healthcare.

The Smart Service Solutions platform offers comprehensive advanced features that span web, mobile, wearables, social, location based services, iBeacons, the Internet of Things, cognitive computing and natural language processing.

Purple Forge has deployed hundreds of apps for a wide range of customers:

  • Smart City apps clients include the cities of Denver, Long Beach, Edmonton, Surrey, Mississauga and Ottawa
  • Government clients include the Canadian Polar Commission, Government of Canada and Province of Alberta
  • Healthcare clients include Norfolk General Hospital, Royal Mental Health Centre Ottawa, and First Steps Fertility Clinic
  • Association clients include the New Hampshire NEA, National Mining Association and Ontario Secondary School Federation of Teachers

Purple Forge is an IBM Watson Ecosystem Partner and the Purple Forge Smart Service Solutions platform includes Watson Q&A and natural language processing capabilities.

Purple Forge is partnered with TELUS for Smart City apps.

Ask us about how how we can help you reduce reduce costs, improve customer service and gain insights into unmet customer needs to allow you to further reduce costs and improve service delivery.

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What Our Customers Think

Easy to work with.  Understood the need for our organization and was able to create a tech solution that worked best for our organization.

Purple Forge provided the City of Mississauga with a proven and economical mobile application service that allowed us to rapidly develop and launch the Mississauga Roads iPhone and Android applications across multiple platforms. The application has an intuitive and easy to use interface that has delighted our citizens.

High level of professionalism; High level of ability to customize their services/products; Good communication.

I have worked very successfully with Purple Forge to develop two different apps that each presented some tough challenges on Blackberry, Android and Apple platforms.

Responsible for Elections in 2016, 2017?

Are you a government official responsible for elections? We can help you engage and service voters.

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